Thursday, April 26, 2018

Satori Junk - The Golden Dwarf + Exclusive Interview with Luke Von Fuzz

     Italian Acid Horror Doom behemoth, Satori Junk are readying the release of their second full length, The Golden Dwarf. In anticipation of this record, I was able to snag a promo copy for review and also conducted a brief interview with vocalist/keyboardist Luke Von Fuzz. Howling croons, chainsaw guitars, bong-rattling bass lines, and thundering drums abound on this release... but what really makes Satori Junk and this album stand out in a crowd is the use of keyboards and synth. Providing a hybrid of carnival music and a horror movie soundtrack, The Doors influence is undeniable when it comes to Satori Junk's unique sound. Perhaps if Jim Morrison came back from the dead with a penchant for Acid Rock and Doom Metal, The Golden Dwarf would be the result.
     The Golden Dwarf starts out with a spoken intro, which serves as more of a warning to the listener and with good cause. Satori Junk has basically provided us with the soundtrack to a lucid dream, or nightmare in this case. It would be wise to take this warning seriously or you may not make it back out. After the intro is over, we get 5 fucking big chunks of original material followed by a cover of Light my Fire by The Doors to close out the album. If you're familiar with Satori Junk, you already know what you're in for. If not, there is nothing that I could possibly say to prepare you for the aural onslaught you are about to experience.
     Before I had a chance to listen to The Golden Dwarf in it's entirety, I had the opportunity to catch up with Luke and ask him a few questions about the record and other stuff as well.

d00mwizard's Dungeon: Hey man, thanks for taking the time for this interview.

Luke Von Fuzz: Yes, of course. Did you listen to the full album yet?

dD: I got through the first five tracks on my drive into work this morning. Fucking awesome, man.

LVF: Glad you like it! What's your favorite track?

dD: So far, I'm digging Cosmic Prison the most. Once I session the album a few times, that may change but they're all rad.

LVF: Cool. I'm just curious because I think every song on the album is different, so everyone can appreciate something about it.

dD: For sure, man. I'm a big fan of The Doors so I can't wait to get to that cover song as well.

LVF: The Doors are the reason I started playing organ!

dD: That was actually going to be my first question. What made you want to start playing music in the first place and who do you consider your influences for what you are creating with Satori Junk?

LVF: Ok, so I started playing keyboard because of bands like The Doors and Gandalf. I really dig 70s psych a lot. When I met Chris and Lory, they introduced me to Doom bands like Pentagram, Candlemass, Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc. So I thought, why don't we start a band combining the horror aspect of Doom with the mindblowing aspect of Psych? That's how we created Satori Junk.

dD: You guys definitely have a very distinct sound. That's for sure. In addition to musical influences, where do you pull your influences from, lyrically?

LVF: My lyrics are inspired by my dreams... and my nightmares. I experimented with lucid dreaming a while ago and began to write stories. The Golden Dwarf is a collection of those psychedelic stories. Every song has a moral and often the characters within die at the end. I hope to make the listener travel to a different world, the edge of their subconscious.

dD: Damn. Seems like your mind is a pretty dark place. It definitely works well with the style of music you play. Other than Satori Junk, are you or any of the other guys actively working on other projects that you think your fans should know about?

LVF: Yes. Max and Lory have a grindcore duo called Penguin Corpse, powerful yet funny. I've got a drone duo with Etienne from Chains and Violet Temple called Druidorama. I also work on electronic music in a solo project. Chris also like to create stuff with analog synthesizers when he isn't playing guitar. He's a very creative musician! None of us can stop making music haha.

dD: That's awesome. Sounds like you all have a lot of musical outputs. Any hobbies, outside of playing music?

LVF: Yes. We are all music fans, so we go to a lot of festivals and shows to see bands live. We like to drink and smoke, meet new people. I also make trippy designs. We're all creative people always looking for new outlets.

dD: That's what's up. So you guys have been working with the same artist, Roberto Borsi, since your last album. How did you guys connect with him?

LVF: Roberto is an awesome tattoo artist. Chris has a lot of tattoos by him, so he has been a customer and friend of his for years. We all love his art. So he created this concept idea of the monster on our cover art, which I think represents the mood of our music perfectly. The most important part of this album's art is the bottle.

dD: So the monster is kind of like the band mascot? Does it have a name?

LVF: We never really thought about it before, but I guess he could just be The Satori Junk Monster.

dD: That makes sense. So what's the significance of the bottle? Or is it a secret?

LVF: The bottle is full of a potion called The Golden Dwarf that causes insensibility. You no longer suffer, but you don't feel anything good either. It comes with a contract, you must trade your soul for the potion. This is the story told by the title track on the album. This is our goal as a band too, We want to trade our record for your soul hahahaha.

dD: I'm sure I can think of a few people that would take you up on that offer. Last question: Stranded on a desert island, one book and one record. Name em.

LVF: The Flying Teapot by Gong and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.... I'm pretty sure.

dD: Nice! Well it was rad talking to you, man. Getting a little bit of insight into the mind of Satori Junk. Looking forward to May 10th for the album to drop!

LVF: Me too, dude. Me too. So I can finally play the songs live.

dD: Thanks for your time, man.

LVF: Thanks for the interview!!

     Thanks to the band for hooking me up with the promo. The Golden Dwarf will be available on May10th, 2018. Check out the bandcamp link below to listen to the first single and pre-order the album while you're at it. Don't drop the ball on this one. It's a no-brainer.



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